According to various records, hundreds of properties were damaged in the United States due to accidents, natural disasters, and flooding. People install CCTV cameras and other security devices to take care of intruders and thieves, but unfortunately, no one is prepared to handle kitchen flooding or basement flooding. This can happen due to the storm, flash floods, or even due to leaking kitchen faucet, and blocked drain lines, that’s why drain cleaning in Vancouver Wa is very important.

Damage caused due to flash floods and storm.

People living in Vancouver Wa had to face damages worth millions of dollars this year due to flash flooding. Even some other states faced similar floods this year. Experts from sewer cleaning industry and insurance companies suggest that considerable amount of damage could have been avoided by taking few simple steps.

Closely following weather reports can help you to be aware and plan everything accordingly. In-case if weather reports indicate heavy rains, storm or flash floods, it is advisable to move all the important devices and valuable items away from areas of the house which can easily get flooded. Try to keep the basement empty. You should also keep some sandbags near doors. You should switch off the electricity to your home, as flooding often causes a short circuit. If the water enters your house, you should try to move towards your building’s roof. Keep all the necessary medicines, some food, and water with you. This will help you to survive till you manage to get out of the flooded area.

Steps which can be taken to avoid damages

People living nearby river or ocean are well trained when it comes to handling flood situation. But those living in cities far away from the ocean are less bothered about possible danger due to flash floods and storms.

There is no way to stop Mother Nature’s anger which she shows in the form of storms or flash floods. However, what best people can do is face these natural disasters in the best way possible to avoid damages and loss of life. Make sure that all the drain lines at your property are free from blockages. Opt for annual video pipe inspection in all drain lines.

Flooding due to leaking kitchen faucet

This does sound weird, but most of the people ignore leaking kitchen faucet, as they do not wish to get those notes out of their pocket. Leaking kitchen faucet can not only lead to wastage of water, but it can also cause kitchen sink flooding in-case if sink’s drain line gets blocked due to some reasons.

Flooding caused due to the kitchen faucet and blocked drain can easily damage electrical equipment, mats, furniture, and other kitchen items. Plus, some insurance companies can deny insurance claim for such damages as they might consider this as human-made damage. So, it is better to replace leaking faucet on time, rather than to spend money due to damages.

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