You’re a racer! Not a crash dummy.

So don’t be a dummy and not get a roll cage installed on your race car.

A roll cage is specifically engineered and constructed frame built into your care to protect the passengers upon a deadly crash or implosion. Roll cages have saved lives of racers! If you don’t get one and you’re racing, well, you’re one hell of a dare devil and a disk taking fool.

There are many different roll cage designs depending on the intended use. Different racing organizatoin have different specifications and regulations. They also stiffen the cassis, which is desirable in racing applications.

A roll bar is a single bar strand behind the driver which provides moderate roll-over protection. Because some car don’t have much protection should the top come down under, some modern day convertibles utilize a strong windscreen fram acting as a roll bar. A roll hoop may be placed behind both headrests which is essentially a roll bar spanning the width of a passenger’s shoulders.